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man recieving a indian head massage
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Experience the rejuvenating power of massage therapy,  tailored to your individual needs.

 Relieve stress, treat pain and injuries and restore balance  to your body and mind.

a man laying down having a deep tissue massage

Signature Massage

Tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Our therapist will use a blend of Swedish, deep tissue and trigger point techniques to target areas of tension and discomfort, while promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. 

30 minutes - $52  KYD
60 minutes - $84 KYD
90 minutes  - $116 KYD 

a lady in a spa having a this fusion massage and being stretched

Thai Fusion Massage

This Treatment combines the soothing touch of an oil massage with the therapeutic benefits of assisted Thai stretching and acupressure. With a focus on relieving tension and enhancing flexibility, this unique massage is the perfect way to unwind.

90 minutes - $116 KYD

a lady having an indian head massage

Indian Head Massage

Focus is given to the scalp, neck and shoulders to release tension. Using gentle kneading and acupressure techniques, this massage helps to improve circulation, relieve headaches, reduce stress and leave you feeling calm and refreshed. 

30 minutes - $52 KYD


Pre Natal Massage

A gentle and relaxing massage designed especially for mothers to be. Alleviate pregnancy related discomforts such as back pain, swollen feet and fatigue. Perfect for reducing stress and promoting over all wellbeing for expecting mothers.

60 minutes - $84 KYD

I love a very deep massage, and Kelly was able to meet my needs.

She used the perfect amount of pressure. I have never felt so relaxed and can not wait to do it again soon!

Amy, Cayman Brac

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